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IMPACT-es diachronic corpus

Diasearch – Diachronic corpus search service

Diasearch is an online service which enables users to perform linguistically enriched queries on a collection of historical texts.

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Image Dataset

Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes

High quality images with ground truth associated from the collection of Biblioteca Nacional de España.

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The Impact Centre of Competence wants to make the digitisation of historical printed text better, faster and cheaper.


Impact Library

Online materials on digitisation techniques, tools and licensing and formats.

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Digitisation registries

Registries on different topics related to digitisation such as tools, datasets, competitions and initiatives.

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Project proposals corner

Support for the preparation of joint R&D proposals, latest news in EU and national funding opportunities.

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First-line assistance on digitisation tools and techniques and related fields open to institutions and particulars looking for advice.

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