The IMPACT Centre of Competence brings together experts from all sides of the digitisation process: digitisation practitioners, content holders, researchers, technical experts at research centres and service providers. 

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The DigitWiki is useful place open to anyone interested in digitisation. This wiki contains relevant informationfor several text digitisation tools, such as training materials. e invite you to participate in the DigitWiki community improving the content of the existing entries or adding information about new tools.

Project proposals corner

The Project Proposals Corner is your gateway to information and advice on funding opportunities, open EU calls, Info-days and collaborative initiatives in digitisation and related fields. Learn more in the following link.

Map of the digitisation landscape

The Map of the digitisation landscape  aims to identify active projects, centres of competence, networks and any other initiatives to help pinpoint stakeholders, future needs and options for the exploitation of digitised content. The map is open to everyone to add new initiatives.


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