OSCARS project – fostering the uptake of Open Science in Europe

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OSCARS (Open Science Cluster for Aligning Research Strategies), is a comprehensive effort within the Horizon Europe framework to enhance the FAIRness (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reproducible) of scientific data and promote open science practices across Europe. It builds upon the achievements of the Science Clusters under the Horizon 2020 programme and aims to further integrate them into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative.

Key points about OSCARS and its objectives include:

  1. Consolidation of Achievements: OSCARS seeks to consolidate the accomplishments of previous projects by the Science Clusters into lasting interdisciplinary FAIR data services and practices.
  2. Broad Engagement: The project aims to involve a wide range of research communities in EOSC by launching Open Calls for the development of new, innovative Open Science projects.
  3. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: OSCARS emphasizes collaborative, multidisciplinary activities among researchers and aims to establish Competence Centres and virtual research environments to foster alignment of practices in scientific data analysis.
  4. Inter-Cluster Cooperation: The project promotes inter-cluster cross-adoption and codevelopment of services, enhancing cooperation and synergy among different scientific domains.
  5. FAIR Data Certification: OSCARS will develop a FAIR-compliant certification scheme for research data, aiming to increase the FAIRness of data across various disciplines.
  6. Community-Based Competence Centres (CCCs): The concept of CCCs, one per Science Cluster, will leverage the specific achievements and competencies of each cluster while promoting intra-cluster collaboration and the sharing of best practices.
  7. Integration with EOSC Federation: Europe’s Research Infrastructures (RIs) will serve as Nodes of the EOSC Federation, with OSCARS contributing to the implementation of EOSC through its actions and outcomes.
  8. Collaboration with EVERSE Project: OSCARS will collaborate with the Horizon Europe EVERSE project, which aims to promote research software and code excellence, thereby enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of scientific research.

Overall, OSCARS represents a significant effort to advance open science practices, enhance the FAIRness of research data, and strengthen collaboration among European research communities. By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of the Science Clusters and promoting interdisciplinary cooperation, OSCARS aims to contribute to the development and implementation of the European Open Science Cloud.

Source: SSH Open Cloud