The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library and the Centre Centre d’Études Supérieurs de la Renaissance win the Succeed Awards

Silvia GarcíaNews, Succeed

Congratulations to the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (University of Saint John’s, Collegeville , USA), and the Centre d’Études Supérieurs de la Renaissance (Tours , France ), winners of the Succeed Awards.

The Succeed Awards recognise and foster excellence in digitisation, especially among programs focused on historical texts. The Spanish company Tecnilógica and The London Metropolitan Archive have been awarded with Commendations of Merit.

For nearly half a century the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library have been photographing manuscript collections across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southern India, becoming the world leader in photographic conservation of manuscripts. HMML encourages research on manuscripts and the cultures that produced them, , as well as on the book arts, traditional and modern religious art, and related fields. HMML sponsors research fellowships and conferences based on its collections.

The Centre d’Études Supérieurs de la Renaissance is committed to producing both high-quality digital editions and facsimile with reliable transcriptions. This activity has led to the development of new open-source tools for layout analysis and transcription.

Founded in 2003, Tecnilógica specializes in developing web projects company. Their service is structured around five areas: web solutions, mobility, digital signage, the so called “Martians projects” (especially innovative initiatives), and the development of start-ups.

The Succeed Awards jury also commended the work done by the London Metropolitan Archive to digitally restore The Great Parchment Book, a seventeenth century volume whose pages were damaged by fire.

The winners will collect the awards during the ceremony at the Digitisation Days, which will take place on 19 and 20 May in Madrid. Present to congratulate the winners will be our prestigious jury including Milagros del Corral, UNESCO; Jill Cousins, Europeana; Frank Frischmuth, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek; Michael Keller, Stanford University Libraries; Steven Krauwer, University of Utrecht, and Andrew Prescott, King’s College London.