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The discussion went on the coffee break, and after that, the last block of the day started with the introduction of Hildelies Balk about the Impact Center of Competence.The second panel session of the conference took place. In this case, the panel session involved different European competence centres.

The panel was chaired by Irene Haslinger, leader of different tasks in Succeed’s WP7 such as the roadmapping, and counted on the participation of Ed Fay, director of Open Preservation Foundation, Daniel Petinckx, Coordinator Exploitation and Dissemination of V-MUST.net, Stéphane Reecht, from the BnF, and Hildelies Balk, as Chair of the Impact Centre of Competence.


[cvm_video id=”2513″]

The panel was visualized by Elco van Staveren, from the koninklijke bibliotheek, in this nice way: [cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”4×3″ width=”640″ volume=”30″ videos=”2479″]

Finally, Rafael Carrasco, Succeed Coordinator and Scientific Director of the Impact Centre of Competence, provided an overview on the Impact online resources available and officially presented the new website of the Centre in which the Succeed’s outputs have been completely integrated.

DSC_0232[cvm_video id=”2524″]