New Interoperability Framework version

Silvia GarcíaNews, Succeed

The Impact Centre of Competence has just launched a new version of its Interoperability Framework tool, that includes important improvements. This tool has been developed by the Succeed Project, a support action funded by the European Union, that promotes the take up and validation of research results in mass digitisation, with a focus on textual content.

In this new version the Web SOAP Client tool has been developed in order to be integrated easily on any website. The tool Web SOAP Client allows now to define the style sheet by a parameter, so that any website can adapt the tool visual appearance.

Improved security management

It has been also implemented a method that allows to manage security to the web container tool and then transmit the credentials encrypted to the Web SOAP Client. Since some web services may need security,  users are not overwhelm with requests for passwords.

Drag and drop system

The framework has been improved to facilitate interaction with users in those web services that require input files. This enables to avoid using physical addresses, so the user can drag and drop the relevant file to the chosen area of the web and this will be transmitted to the service web for being used in it.

Temporary files management

A new option, that allows not to delete the temporary files, has been activated, so these files can be used to debug results.


Finally,  it has also been implemented a battery of unit tests with a wide coverage, to ensure proper operation of the framework.

This new version of the platform is now available through two well known distribution platforms: GitHub and Bintray. This facilitates the framework distribution and all its changes.