ENeL TRAINING SCHOOL 2015: ‘Standard tools and methods for retro-digitising dictionaries’

Silvia GarcíaEvents

Funded by COST Action IS 1305 the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa is hosting the first ‘European Network of e-Lexicography’ Training School, in Lisbon, from 6th to 19th of July.

COST Action IS1305 invites researchers in countries participating in COST to submit applications for the Training School.

Retro-digitisation mean the process of converting existing print dictionaries into digital publications. The training school aims to bring together students from many countries. They will be introduced into each step of the process of retro-digitisation by means of theoretical courses and hands-on sessions.


  • Introduction (presentation of different successfull retro-digitisation projects)
  • How to produce a digital copy of dictionaries (digitisation from paper to image to text).
  • How to encode and enrich dictionary data (requirements, standards and tools).
  • How to manage retro-digitisation projects (project design, resources, time schedule, budget)

Classes will combine theoretical instructions on standard tools and methods for retro-digitising dictionaries with practical lessons giving participants the opportunity to work on their own material and to learn which steps are necessary to transform a printed dictionary into a marked-up dictionary as a basis for a database or an online-publication.