Introducing the IMPACT Centre of Competence

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At the IMPACT Demo Day of 12 July 2011 at The British Library, Aly Conteh outlined the set up of the IMPACT Centre of Competence (CoC) for Digitisation. This CoC is about sharing best practice and tools – it will become a one-stop shop for anybody involved in the digitisation of historic text.

But it is also about building a model that will sustain IMPACT outputs going into the future.

Aly then looked at who are IMPACT’s customers?

  • Content Holders
  • Researchers
  • Service and Product Providers

The IMPACT CoC will aim to run in the first instance for 3 years, before stepping back to evaluate what they have managed to do and whether to continue or stand down.

The IMPACT CoC wants to bring these people together so they can work together on the shared goals of the CoC. The centre will offer a range of services and tools based on the outputs of the project. This will all be offered with a very small staff of maybe 1.5 FTE from across all institution. The C0C hopes to fill the gap by encouraging the existing partners to each provide some services for all the community.

Users will be offered 3 levels of access based on a subscription model. ‘Basic’ ‘Premium’ and ‘Pay As You Go’. The aim is to make the CoC open to everyone and not have cost as a barrier to involvement, however the actual amounts of these subscriptions are not yet known.

See the whole presentation here:

IMPACT Demo Day – July2011 – (10) IMPACT Centre of Competence
Aly Conteh, Digitisation Programme Manager at The British Library and IMPACT Sub Project leader