Input for ALTO 3.1 version request

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ALTO Technical Metadata for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)The ALTO XML Editorial Board is pleased to announce that ALTO draft schema version 3.1 is now online for public comment. The draft schema can be found on Github at

You will find a document describing the changes as well as a document illustrating use cases on Github.Comments about the schema and its documentation as well as additional use cases for the new schema features are encouraged (Github account is required to make comments).

Summary of changes from ALTO draft schema version 3.1:

  • Added support for using different shapes for the elements String, TextLine, all PageSpaceType elements and on all BlockType elements.
  • The description of the attribute ROTATION is changed to the rotation of the contents of a block and not the block itself. The attribute is inherited by all sub elements.

Use cases for the use of shapes: