IMPACT Workshop: 31 March 2011, Rouen

Impact CoCEvents

This one day workshop will disseminate the latest progress achieved in the field of Optical Character Recognition systems (OCR) within the framework of various digitization projects for Digital Libraries.

The program is build with the contributions from the EU funded project IMPACT (Improving ACcess to Text), the French ANR Funded project NAVIDOMASS. The program will be attractiv for end user from libraries, archives services and researchers in the field of Digital Humanities, as well as researchers and industrial practionners involved in the developments of digitisationsoftwares and tools to deal with old documents.
Cette journée fera le bilan des développements récents ou en cours dans le domaine des systèmes de reconnaissance optique de caractères (OCR), réalisés dans le cadre de différents projets de numérisation de documents pour les bibliothèques numériques. Le programme s’articule autour de plusieurs contributions émanant du projet européen IMPACT (IMProving ACcess to Text) et du projet ANR NAVIDOMAS. Le programme de la journée s’adresse aussi bien aux professionnels des bibliothèques, des archives, qu’à toute personne (industriels, chercheur, étudiant) impliqués dans le développement de logiciels de numérisation de documents anciens.

When: Thursday 31st, March 2011
Time: 9.30 – 16.20
Where: LITIS – Université de Rouen, Campus du Madrillet, France
Cost: Free
Language : Most of the presentations will be in English but some contributions will be given in French
Organisers : Geneviève Cron BnF – Thierry Paquet LITIS
Contact and Registration :

Preliminary program

9h30-10h accueil des participants
10h-11h User specification

  • Main objectives of the IMPACT project, Hildelies Balk, Den Haag Koenigs Bibliotek
  • The BVH project: latest developments : Marie-Luce Demonet, CESR CNRS Tours

11h-12h30 Recent developments in OCR

  • Recent developments within IMPACT, Mickael Fuchs, Abby EU
  • OCR adaptation for old documents, K. Ait Mohand, LITIS – LI Tours
  • Managing OCR for digital libraries, Jean-Pierre Raysz, Jouve

Lunch break

14h-14h40 OCR and Typography

  • Y Ramel, LI Tours
  • CESR : Remy Gimenes

14h40-15h40 OCR Evaluation & Verification

  • User assessment methodology within IMPACT, Geneviève Cron, Bibliothèque nationale de France
  • Evaluation & Verification of OCR at BnF, A. Ben Salah, BnF & LITIS
  • Collaborative annotation, T Palfray, LITIS
  • Apostolos Antonacopoulos, PRIMA, Univ. Salford, UK

15h40-16h20 Linguistic Resources for OCR

  • Gilles Souvay, ATILF
  • Ocering and processing Early Modern French texts with adapted tools, Marie-Luce Demonet, CES

Travel & how to get to LITIS Univ. of Rouen

There are many trains (one train per hour) from Paris (Saint Lazare station) to Rouen station. It takes about 1h10 to travel by train from Paris to Rouen.

Going to LITIS from the Railway station (SNCF)
Take the metro : direction “Technopôle du Madrillet” until the last station “Metropôle”. LITIS is located in the “UFR Sciences et Techniques”.

Getting to LITIS by car (motorways)
From Paris the best way is to drive through A13 motorway until Rouen.
From north of France, the best way in through, A1, then A29 and finally A28 until Rouen
Here is the precise location of LITIS on Google maps.


Here is a list of some hotels in town, Hotel de Dieppe and Hotel Astrid are just in front of the railway station.

Astrid hôtel
11 place Bernard Tissot
76000 ROUEN
02 35 71 75 88

Hôtel de Dieppe
Place Bernard Tissot
76000 ROUEN
02 35 71 96 00

Hôtel de la Gare
3 bis rue Maladrerie
76000 ROUEN
02 35 71 57 90

Hôtel Andersen
4 rue Pouchet
76000 ROUEN
02 35 71 88 51

Hôtel Beauséjour
9 rue Pouchet
76000 ROUEN
02 35 71 93 47

Hôtel Le Morand
1 rue Morand
76000 ROUEN
02 35 71 46 07

L’Ermitage Bouquet
58 rue Bouquet
76000 ROUEN
02 32 12 30 40