Impact assessment and exploitation of PREFORMA results (input deadline: 18 Nov. 2016)

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pfo_logoOne of the tasks that had to be carried out in PREFORMA during these last two months of 2016 is to prepare a report to be submitted to the European Commission describing the impact that PREFORMA has generated to date for the memory institutions and for any other relevant target groups and the plans for the sustainability and exploitation of the main results of the project.

In order to collect input for this report, they prepared a simple questionnaire. The questionnaire is available online at

PREFORMA kindly asks you to reserve a few minutes of your time to go through it. Your contribution is very important and your time and effort is greately valued.

Deadline to fill in the questionnaire is 18 November 2016.

If you have any question or comment feel free to contact Claudio Prandoni (prandoni(at)