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Advanced Imaging Services at KU Leuven Libraries

18 October, 2018 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Sesion lead

Bruno Vandermeulen, Hendrik Hameeuw (KU Leuven)


This webinar will focus on a selection of advanced imaging services which have been developed and used over the last years at the KU Leuven Libraries for the digitisation of documentary heritage. The presentation aims to demonstrate how a mid-range multispectral imaging set-up has step-by-step been fine-tuned towards a standardised acquisition procedure. In addition, the functionalities and dissemination strategies for the at the KU Leuven developed White Light and Multispectral Portable Light Dome system will be discussed in detail. Since its introduction, this advanced multi-light reflectance imaging method has been deployed with great success for many digitisation assignments on library materials. The webinar will show how these approaches are being integrated in the daily imaging activities and how they expand high quality imaging towards analytic documentation.


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