DATeCH 5th Session – Enrichment & Poster session

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After the Succeed Awards ceremony and the lunch break, the DATeCH conference continued in the afternoon with its 5th session, called Enrichment. This session was chaired by Stoyan Mihov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).

This session was opended by Florian Fink, from the University of Munich, who showcased online tools which offer new possibilities for exploring and researching Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy and work.

Watch the video: [cvm_video id=”2088″]

Beatrice Alex, from the University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics, studied the effect of OCR errors on text mining and proposed a simple measure for estimating text quality of OCRed text.

Watch the video:

[cvm_video id=”2086″]

Finally, Alicia Fornés, from Computer Vision Center, presentred  a crowdsourcing web-based application for extracting information from demographic hand-written document images.

Watch the video:

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This was the last session with oral presentations, which ended with a 1-minute poster teaser, when the poster authors summarised their posters to encourage attendees to discuss with them during the poster session. The poster session took place at the exhibition hall where all attendees were also offered a farewell cocktail.