DATeCH 4th Session – Best practices and experiences

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The second Digitisation Day started with two parallel sessions. The scientific presentations related to “Best practices and experiences in digitisation of cultural heritage”, and the round table “Future research for the digital library”. In the technical session, chaired by Paul Fogel (California Digital Library, University of California), best practices and experiences were presented.

Truyen Van Phan, from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, presented the construction of a system for the text digitisation of Nôm historical documents.

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Uwe Springmann, from the University of Munich, presented a summary of problems and progress for the OCR of Latin texts.

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Christine Roughan, from College of the Holy Cross, presented an approach to create digital, diplomatic renditions of Greek mathematical diagrams.

Finally, Uwe Springmann, on behalf of Gregory Crane (Tufts University), presented the experience in cataloguing a one billion word library of Greek and Latin texts.

Attendees visit the companies exhibition during the coffee breaks

Attendees visit the companies exhibition during the coffee breaks

At the end of this session, the company DIGIBIS presented the products and services by the company and the attendees enjoyed a coffee break at the exhibition hall. Digibis







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