Swiss National Library, new member of the Impact Centre

Impact Centre of CompetenceNews

logo_suisseWe are proud to announce that the Swiss National Library has become member of the Impact Centre of Competence in digitisation.

The Swiss National Library is the main archive of Switzerland, every publication, from Swiss daily newspapers to novels, from documentaries and yearbooks to official publications and geographical maps, is included in its collection. The Swiss National Library is active in the field of digitisation and interested in services an information exchange in this field. They have joined the Impact Centre of Competence to increase their state of knowledge in order to improve the quality of their work, their processes and their infrastructure. Additionally, they are interested in sharing their experiences with other members in order to help them to achieve the same. The Swiss National Library is especially interested in:

  • OCR analysis
  • OCR improvement
  • Crowdsourcing for full-text-research and OCR-improvement
  • User experience
  • Quality control of scans and platforms

We wish a fruitful collaboration among the Swiss National Library, the Impact Centre of Competence and its member institutions.