IMPACT Final Conference – Summary of Day 1 and Intro to Day 2

Marieke Events

Day 2 of the conference began with Hildelies Balk-Pennington de Jongh thanking the sponsors ABBYY and Planman, without whom the conference would not be possible.She then provided us with her own summary of the previous day’s key messages.

  • When accessing collections digital always wins
  • Improving access is imperative!
  • Larger volumes often pose problems, indexing will often grind to a halt
  • Do not economise on the quality of your images, they will be the basis for future OCR improvement
  • In IMPACT all individual steps in digitisation workflow has already been made better, faster or cheaper
  • First productive OCR test in 17th Century Newspapers already 15% more words found
  • Post correction will always be necessary
  • For correction we need the crowd
  • What will be do with the mountains of information, it may become too big to search efficiently!

The messages led succinctly into introductions of the day two speakers.

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