New version of the impact Centre of Competence website

Impact CoCNews

We are happy to let you know that the website of the impact Centre of Competence has been redesigned and restructured to improve navigation and usability. We have also implemented a faceted search in the Tools, Data and Services sections. In this blog you can find a short description of the available pages and the new features.


1. About


Here you can find a description of the impact Centre of Competence, its origin and its founding members. It includes several presentations about the Centre as well. You will also find:


  • a description of the advantages of becoming a member of the Centre;
  • the different ways in which you or your institution may join us;
  • a list of members of the Centre with a short description.


2 . Tools


In this section you can either browse the content or use the faceted search. For browsing, access the sidebar menu ‘Browse’ where tools are divided according to their purpose. If you already know what you are looking for, click ‘Search’ and use the filters to find tools based on their purpose, provider, licensing scheme or target language.


In addition, registered users may access the Demonstrator platform and execute demos of various tools, while members of the Centre of Competence can access these tools using self-defined inputs. In a later phase we will be providing customizable workflows via this platform.


3. Data


Data offered by the Centre of Competence includes a large image collection, with a considerable amount of ground-truth data, as well as linguistic resources. Like the Tools section, the Data section can be visited by browsing or using the faceted search, and you can filter the data according to nature, target language, provider or licensing scheme.


4. Services


The impact Centre of Competence offers a number of services to members and to pay as you go users. The Services section can be browsed or used with the faceted search (purpose, provider, region).  Services are being added and classified for easier accessibility.


5. Training


The Centre offers training resources in digitisation and related fields to the general public. The Training section is divided into three sub-sections:


  1. Face-to-face training: this section lists events such as the upcoming tutorial on State-of-the-art tools for Text Digitisation, organized together with the Succeed project at the TPDL2013 conference
  2. Online training: the first online course will be released around October 2013;
  3. Training materials: here you can find a collection of briefing papers, best practices and open educational resources


6. Community


Through the Community section you can stay up to date on the newest digitisation advances, research projects, complementary competence centres – and actively participate in discussions with experts from the field. This section comprises the News & Events, the Blog and the Forum sub-sections, as well as the information page on Committees and Working groups (coming soon).


If you have any questions about the Centre, please contact us.