New search services at

Impact CoCSucceed

Succeed project has made available through the Impact Centre of Competence two new search services. These services are built upon the Apache Solr platform.

Overview on available tools for text digitisation

This search service allows to search between more than 200 digitisation tools. In order to improve the access to the information, three filters can be applied:

  • Group: This first filter defines a hierarchical taxonomy based on a simplified digitisation workflow, including, among others, image processing, text recognition or evaluation.
  • Type: This second filter is defined individually for each group and is based on the purpose of the tool, i.e., types of evaluation are OCR evaluation, layout evaluation or NLP tool evaluation.
  • Subtype: The subtype filter is the 3rd hierarchy level.
  • Language: Some of the tools are classified according to their target languages (in some of them this filter cannot be applied, i.e. image processing tools).

In addition, a string can be entered in the searching box; suggestions for the term entered are shown, detailing the available fields for the string. Under the search field, some sample queries appear.


A map of the European digitisation landscape

In this case, the aim of the service is to find active projects or initiatives in digitisation. At the moment, the following filters can be applied:

  • Type of initiative: they can be projects, services, centres of competence, etc.
  • Country: the initiatives can be from a concrete country, a consortium from different countries or European/Worldwide initiatives.

In the future, the results of this digitisation map may be also filtered per type of content (text, audiovisual, 3D) and type of activity (digitisation, preservation, exploitation).

As future work for both search engines, a login system will be also implemented, so those institutions running a project or developing tools will be able to enrich the database by adding themselves. Until then, if visitors are aware of any tool or project that should be added to the database, they can contact us at and provide the input.