Planning a digitisation project

This repository of resources offers practical guidance to museums, libraries and archives undertaking or considering a text-based digitisation project.

These training materials consist of a logically structured series of materials that deal with all the common stages of a digitisation workflow. It provides general guidelines, case studies, tools and training materials that will help resolve most issues facing a digitisation project or programme. These resources are particularly aimed at digitisation projects and programmes that are creating workflows to handle OCR on historic text.

Below these materials are available classified according their topic.


A list of strategic and technical frequently asked questions

Introduction to digitisation

Project planning and material selection

Image capture and optimisation

Optical character recognition

Project Management

Migration, storage and preservation

Metadata creation and management

Recommendations on formats and standards – Summary

Recommendations on formats and standards – Extended version

Intellectual property and copyright

Recommendations on licencing – Summary

Recommendations on licencing – Extended version