INTELE Network Workshop

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Gustavo Candela, from the IMPACT Centre of Competence & Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes (Universidad de Alicante) will participate in the INTELE Network Workshop that will take place online on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020.

Gustavo will participate in the round table representing IMPACT as CLARIN Knowledge Centre in digitisation (IMPACT-CKC). CLARIN K(nowledge)-Centres are an important part of the CLARIN Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure and provide expert assistance to users in different topics and languages.

INTELE is an Spanish national research network with the aim of fostering the CLARIN and DARIAH infrastructures at a national level and officially include Spain as member country of both networks, helping Spanish Digital Humanities researchers to participate in International projects.
The workshop is based in three cornerstones:

  • Support policy to EU digital infrastructures for Social Sciences and Digital Humanities.
  • Digital Humanities in Spain: strengths and needs.
  • Participation in and dissemination of projects and resources of Spanish research groups in Social Sciences and Digital Humanities.

More information on the INTELE Workshop such as schedule and registration is available in this link.