IMPACT Diasearch presentation at 12th International Simposium New Trends in R+D+I in Literatura, Language, Education…

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Last May, 29th, Gustavo Candela and M. Pilar Escobar, from Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes presented the Diachronic Corpus Search Service, Diasearch, an online service which enables users to perform linguistically enriched queries on a collection of historical texts. It is currently available for the Spanish IMPACT-es corpus and can be used at

The main topic of the symposium was lexicosemantic change, culture and corpus linguistics, and it was mainly attended by linguists and lexicographers. Conference’s full programme can be found at

Gustavo and Pilar presented both the IMPACT Centre of Competence, the corpus creation process, the edition in CoBaLT, and the development of the search service.

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