iConference 2014 Workshop. Berlin, March 4th, 2014.

Impact CoCEvents

Digital Collection Contexts: Intellectual and Organizational Functions at Scale


What are digital collections and how are they to be accessed? This workshop organized by Europeana Pro addresses also the information needs of scholars and aspects of international interoperability.

The workshop aims to:

• Broaden the conversation across an international community

• Further the research and development agenda for digital aggregations

• Relate conceptual advances to implementation goals

• Identify realistic approaches for collection representation, contextualization, and interoperability at scale

Trends in interoperable content and open data raise important questions on how to represent complex objects, curated and dynamic collections, and context in ways that benefit users and collecting institutions. This workshop will provide a forum for international engagement on this important topic and provide iSchools the opportunity to build a community around our strengths in this important research area. Sessions will be led by European and North American experts from iSchools and projects developing large-scale digital cultural heritage collections.

This workshop is held in Berlin, Germany on March 4, 2014