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The European Commission recently announced the forthcoming call H2020-REFLECTIVE-6-2015 (Reflective societies: Cultural heritage and European identities) under the pillar ‘Societal Challenges’.

Planned opening date: 10-12-2014

Deadline for submission: 28-5-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Topic: Innovation ecosystems of digital cultural assets

As indicated in the topic description, the call is open to proposals for innovation actions aiming at supporting and promoting access to / reuse of digital cultural heritage resources as part of R&I.

Projects should enable new models and demonstrations of the analysis, interpretation and understanding of Europe’s cultural and intellectual history and/or capitalising on state of the art technologies (e.g. mobile and wearable devices), bring cultural content to new audiences in novel ways, through the development of new environments, applications, tools, and services for digital cultural resources in scientific collections, archives, museums, libraries and cultural heritage sites.

For additional information, please visit the call web page.