DigitWiki, a new place to share information about digitisation

Silvia GarcíaNews, Succeed

The Succeed project has recently launched two new resources for the promotion of state-of-the-art tools for text digitisation.

An overview on available tools


This overview contains over 200 different tools with a search engine capable of filtering by group, language, type, etc. It also has a login system that allows anyone to register and add their tools.


We kindly invite you to include your tools in the overview in order to improve the content and continue promoting digitisation tools.


The DigitWiki


A useful new place open to anyone interested in digitisation. This wiki contains relevant information, such as training materials, for several text digitisation tools.


Adding new content is very easy, simply create an account or login with an openID and follow the guidelines provided.

DigitWiki currently provides relevant information for 41 tools and resources. We invite you to participate in the DigitWiki community.

After the Succeed project is completed, both resources will be administrated by the Impact Centre of Competence, thus ensuring long-term sustainability.