GT4HistOCR: Ground Truth for training OCR engines on historical documents in German Fraktur and Early Modern Latin

Impact Centre of Competence

  • Description: GT4HistOCR contains ground truth for research in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology applied to historical printings in German Fraktur and Early Modern Latin. The ground truth comes in pairs of images of single printed lines as they appear in book pages (*.png) and their corresponding diplomatic transcriptions (*.gt.txt), which are UTF-8 strings preserving the character forms (glyphs) as much as possible within the UNICODE standard. These pairs of line images and their transcriptions can be directly used to train recognition models with, e.g., the open source OCR engines OCRopy or Tesseract. A total of 313,173 ground truth lines are provided.
  • Scope: OCR Text recognition
  • License: CC - Attribution or equivalent
  • Content type: Groundtruth Images
  • Size: 313,173 ground truth lines are provided
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