ASAR 2018 Layout Analysis Competition Challenge: Physical layout analysis of scanned Arabic books

Impact Centre of Competence

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This competition will provide: (1) a benchmarking dataset for testing physical layout analysis solutions, which contains an annotated test set of scanned Arabic book page samples with a wide variety of content and appearance, and (2) a full evaluation scheme by offering code to compute a set of evaluation metrics to both analysis tasks (segmentation and classification) for quantitative evaluation, and to visually asses the analysis result for qualitative evaluation.
Competition scope
Layout analysis
This competition will be organized by members of a joint team from Boston University USA, and Electronics Research Institute, Egypt: Randa Elanwar, Researcher, ERI ( for queries and suggestions Margrit Betke, Professor BU ( Rana S.M. Saad, Research assistant ERI ( for questions or problems with annotations. Wenda Qin, M.S student BU ( for questions or problems with competition web page.