ASAR 2018 Layout Analysis Competition Challenge: Physical layout analysis of scanned Arabic books

Impact Centre of Competence

  • Description: This competition will provide: (1) a benchmarking dataset for testing physical layout analysis solutions, which contains an annotated test set of scanned Arabic book page samples with a wide variety of content and appearance, and (2) a full evaluation scheme by offering code to compute a set of evaluation metrics to both analysis tasks (segmentation and classification) for quantitative evaluation, and to visually asses the analysis result for qualitative evaluation.
  • License: Layout analysis
  • Organisers: This competition will be organized by members of a joint team from Boston University USA, and Electronics Research Institute, Egypt: Randa Elanwar, Researcher, ERI ( for queries and suggestions Margrit Betke, Professor BU ( Rana S.M. Saad, Research assistant ERI ( for questions or problems with annotations. Wenda Qin, M.S student BU ( for questions or problems with competition web page.
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