What is the Impact Centre of Competence?

The Impact Centre of Competence in Digitisation is a not for profit organisation with the mission to make the digitisation of historical printed text “better, faster, cheaper”. It provides tools, services and facilities to further advance the state-of-the-art in the field of document imaging, language technology and the processing of historical text.

Who is behind the Impact Centre of Competence?

The Impact Centre of Competence is governed by a Board of institutions (premium members) and managed by the Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes and it’s located at the facilities of the Fundación Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno, 2, Edificio Mahou (anexo), 3º, 28020, Madrid (España).

What are the benefits of joining the Impact Centre of Competence?

  • Connection to a unique network, bringing together different communities of digitisation practitioners, content holders, researchers, technical experts, and service providers.
  • Support to showcase, test and evaluate the latest OCR tools and techniques.
  • Documentation on tools for OCR and language processing, with links to the tool providers.
  • Access to digitisation expertise, learning resources and online training.
  • Access to the unique IMPACT image collection, ground truth dataset and language resources.
  • Participation in special working groups on digitisation standards.
  • Access to new projects and funding opportunities.

Which are the Centre fees?

  1. Standard membership (yearly fee: € 600 for public entities, € 1,000 for private bodies or companies): For institutions and individuals that wish to get support in their digitisation programmes, to actively engage with the network for expert advice, share and set best practice and obtain access to a part of the content IMPACT Centre of Competence offers.
  1. Premium membership (yearly fee: € 6,000 for public entities, € 10,000 for private bodies or companies): For institutions who are looking to implement and further development the IMPACT Centre of Competence, become a member of the IMPACT Centre of Competence Board, obtain access to the full range of IMPACT Centre of Competence facilities including free or discounted access to IMPACT Centre of Competence events and conferences.

If you are interested in joining as member, please send your contact details to info(at)digitisation.eu.

 Premium membersStandard members
Member of the Executive Boardx-
Approve strategic planx-
Establish interest and working groupsx-
Control how the dedicated budget is used to meet user requirements for maintenance and enhancementx-
Priority consultation in funded projects promoted by the Impact Centrex-
Participation in interest and working groupsxx
Participation in project funding discussions and activitiesxx
Assistance by the Impact Centre staffeq. 1pm*eq. 0.1pm
Discount in events organised by the Impact Centre2 disc. of 50%1 disc. of 50%
Access to all Impact Tools and Resourcesxx
Participation in the Annual General Meetingxx
Communication of requests for assistance and subcontracting received by the Impact Centrexx
Participation in the members' mailing listsxx

*abbreviation for person month.

For a quick and up-to-date overview of what is available in this field you may become a registered user of the Centre for free, just sign up here.