OmniPage 18

Author: Piotr Jedrzejczak & Tomasz Parkola (PSNC)

OmniPage is a robust optical character recognition (OCR) application available from Nuance Communications. It convers over 120 of languages, including Cyrillic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese and Korean. It is compatible with multiple output formats, including Amazon® Kindle®, PDF, Microsoft® Word, Corel®, HTML and WordPerfect®. It can be used for various purposes, e.g. OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode.

The OmniPage OCR tool is available in four versions, including:

  • Standard version – basic desktop distribution of the OmniPage with most important features of OCR (e.g. language detection, conversion to ebook readers and cloud connectors).
  • Professional version – adds more possibilities in comparison to standard version, e.g. batch processing of watched folders, launchpad or deeper integration with cameras or integration with content management systems (e.g. MS SharePoint).
  • Ultimate version – adds to Professional version DocuDirect solution for batch processing and Sharepoint 2013 integration.
  • SDK version – dedicated version for software developers. It allows adding OmniPage as a build-in OCR engine into software components (e.g. as a part of transcription tool).
  • Cloud Service version – based on cloud technologies OCR engine distribution. Can be used by external applications via dedicated API. It can also be connected to Microsoft Azure.

Please refer to the comparison table of Standard, Professional and Ultimate versions for further details on their differences.