Procedures are very dependent on whether you use recognition server, cloud sdk or FR engine, and better explained in the accompanying documents.


This should be self-explanatory for the products with user interface; please refer to the respective product documentation.

For the engine, refer to the programming examples. To run OCR without development, we point the user to the sample application “commandlineinterface” in the code samples folder, residing in a folder like

C:\ProgramData\ABBYY\SDK\<version>\FineReader Engine\Samples\Visual C++ (Raw)\CommandLineInterface

The compiled version in the subfolder “Release” accepts one or several input images, and can recognize text dependent on a number of parameters implementing many of the options of the engine. Unfortunately, ALTO output is not currently one of the options.

Training Character Shapes

This is supported in the desktop versions and in the SDK. A character training utility sample application is now included with the SDK.