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System requirements

Recognition server

The recognition server system requirements are documented  The recognition server setup is distributed and allows for the distribution of functions over distinct machines. A number of stations with different functionalities are listed: Server Manager, Scanning Station, Processing Station, Indexing Station, Remote Administration Console, COM-based API, Web Service, Google Search Appliance Connector, Microsoft Isearch Filter, each of which  have rather modest minimal system requirements.

Of course, for high-volume processing, requirements will be less modest.


Minimal system requirements for working with the FR Engine equally modest ( , PC with x86-compatible processor (1 GHz or higher), for processing multi-page documents — minimum 1 GB RAM, recommended 1,5 GB RAM.  In practice, combining OCR processing with development work will be reasonably smooth with 4G ram and at least 2 cores.

Again, requirements for high-volume processing will be less modest. We quote a recent example: The Europeana newspaper project  OCR workbench in Innsbruck runs 32 parallel FineReader SDK processes to achieve processing of between 10.000 and 100.000 newspaper pages per day .

Development tools: which can be used with the SDK Engine?

We quote the technical specifications:

The ABBYY FineReader Engine application programming interface conforms to the COM standard and can be easily used in C/C++, Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi, Java or any development tool supporting COM components. The Engine can be adapted for use in scripting languages like VBS, JS, Perl.

C++ or C# development work requires, in practice, an installation of  Microsoft Visual Studio. We cannot supply detailed information on which version of Visual Studio is compatible with which version of the SDK, but the free express version of this development tool (Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop) can be used. For other languages, development does not specifically require certain tools. We have tested, for instance, java development with Eclipse.

A caveat for java developers:  Java development is possible, but does not support all engine options:

1. Methods which have out parameters or work with byte arrays are not supported

2. Callback interfaces and events are not supported

These limitations entail, among others, that deploying external dictionaries using the external dictionary interface is not possible unless special Java Native Interface wrappers are produced.

Cloud SDK

Since the processing load takes places at ABBYY’s servers, system requirements are determined by the processing requirements of your own workflow management and development tools. Any development tools provide support for implementing web service clients can be used. The code samples include examples for php, ruby, python, javascript, java, .net, and even bash using cURL.

SETUP & getting started

First steps for working with the recognition server are documented 

Code samples for the cloud API are at 

Code samples for the Engine SDK are included with the engine distribution.


More information can be found at the ABBYY website ( All ABBYY products come with extensive documentation.