Windows installer and the source code package can be downloaded from the Scan Tailor website at Mac OS X prebuilt package can be downloaded from the scantailor-osx project website at

Installation Instructions

In order to install Scan Tailor using the Windows installer or the Mac OS X prebuilt package just follow the on-screen instructions. Information on how to install from source code on Linux and Mac OS X is located here.

Note: when building from source on Mac OS X, you might get an error message stating that the qt4-mac-devel package has been replaced by qt4-mac. In that case, use MacPorts to install qt4-mac instead:

sudo port install cmake qt4-mac boost xrender

Also, when configuring, the path to the qmake executable might be different than stated. Type

which qmake

to locate the executable and update the –DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE parameter when running the cmake command to match.

Quick Start Guide

To get started with Scan Tailor just take a look at the Quick Start Guide available at:


Configuration and Customization

Scan Tailor’s GUI is thoroughly explained in the User Guide available on the project’s website:

A lengthy video tutorial is available at

Scan Tailor can also be run in a batch processing mode from the command line, without the GUI. In order to obtain the list of possible options, run the command line version of the application with the –help parameter:

scantailor-cli –help

Workflow Integration

Scan Tailor can be integrated into any workflow or application that allows the execution of command-line tools. See section “Configuration” for details.


For example, given the file image.tif:


running the following command:

scantailor-cli image.tif output

creates two files called image_1L.tif and image_2R.tif and puts them into the output directory: