Filename: Page_Curl_Correction_setup.exe

Description: Installation wizard for installing the tool on a Windows system.

Installation Instructions

Page Curl Correction comes with an installer wizard that guides the user through the installation process (It is currently available for Microsoft Windows only). The wizard extracts the installation package to your local C:\ drive.

Quick Start Guide

To get started with the Page Curl Correction tool just choose a sample image and try one of the examples in the “Examples” section. A description of the parameters for the configuration of the tool can be found in the following section.


Configuration and Customization

The Page Curl Correction tool can be configured using command-line parameters. The most important parameter is the one for controlling coarse or fine-grained rectification. Coarse-grained rectification is a computationally low cost transformation which addresses the projection of a curved surface (the original page) to a 2D rectangular area (the scanned image). Fine-grained rectification is a more advanced technique based on text line & word segmentation (See for more information).

The basic call pattern looks like this:

Page_Curl_Correction [0/1] [in] [out]






If this parameter is 1 then only coarse rectification is applied otherwise coarse and fine rectification are applied.



Input file



Output file

More information can be found in the following slides:

Workflow Integration

The Page Curl Correction tool can be integrated into any workflow or application that allows the execution of command-line tools. The configuration is rather straight forward since the tool has only three parameters: input, output and fine/coarse-grain adjustment.


Perform a page curl correction on a sample image, use coarse reification:

Page_Curl_Correction 1 sample.tif result.tif

Page Curl Input Image

Page Curl Input Image

Page Curl Output Image

Page Curl Output Image