Historical Lexicon of Latin


The historical lexicon for Latin was produced by Universidad de Alicante in the frame of the EU-funded project SUCCEED.

The lexicon is based in the medieval work Malleus maleficarum, a book by Jakob Sprenger, published in Colonia in 1511, and provided by the Bavarian State Library.

The corpus is composed by 151,610 tokens, and the lexicon is composed by 57,340 tokens, 1,355 word forms and 370 lemmas.

The text was tagged using the tool CoBaLT, developed by IvdNT during the IMPACT project.

The lexicon is annotated using the following schema:

lemma, <classic Latin word form>, part of speech

The parts of speech used were:

  • Noun: n
  • Proper name: np
  • Adjective: adj
  • Pronoun: prn
  • Numeral: num
  • Word: vb
  • Adverb adv
  • Conjunction: cnj
  • Proposition: pr
  • Abbreviation: abbr
  • Interrogative: int


The lexicon is available under //www.digitisation.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/80x15-CC-BY-NC-SA.png. The download of this resource is available for members of the Impact Centre of Competence and registered users. Please, log in to download it or discover here how to become a member . For further information, please contact us.

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