Historical and Named Entities Lexica of English


The period covered by the Historical Lexicon of English is since 1497 until 1900. The type of material used consists of books, newspapers and papers.

The English IR lexicon has been built by means of the IMPACT dictionary attestation tool from the quotations of the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). The lexicon currently contains 874,311 lemma/word form combinations.

The Core Named Entities Lexicon for English is an elaborate database of enriched historical English locations, person names and organisations from the period 1742 – 1899. It can be used as a lexicon for OCR and for query expansion in retrieval.



The Named Entities lexicon for English is available under:  CC BY NC SA license

The Historical lexicon is owned by Oxford University Press. Non-commercial research licences are available. For further information, please contact us at info@digitisation.eu.

Language resources

The Impact Centre of Competence provide historical and named entities lexica for the following languages. In addition, we offer access to the different corpora.