Recommendations for digitisation projects

This recommendations have been produced by Succeed (a project funded by European Union under FP7-ICT)

Succeed project


Succeed project provides a set of recommendations on formats, standards and licensing related to digitisation activities, especially in the context of text/printed materials. The recommendations were identified based on existing recommendations, ongoing/emerging activities as well as an analysis of dedicated surveys conducted among digitisation practitioners from various institutions across the world, including museums, libraries and archives.


On formats and standards useful in digitisation

Recommendations on formats and standards useful in digitisation include:

  • a summary of existing recommendations,
  • a summary of related ongoing and
  • emerging activities and analysis of the survey conducted among digitisation practitioners

Altogether analysis covered 17 existing recommendations or practices, over a dozen of ongoing and emerging activities and 86 responses to the survey.

On licensing

Recommendations on licensing include:

  • basic information on the aspects of the intellectual property legislation,
  • investigation of the most important issues related to commercial and
  • non-commercial data licensing as well as discussion on the most applicable and interoperable approaches for tools licensing.

The recommendations document provides also analysis of the survey conducted among several dozens of digitisation practitioners.

Other training opportunities

The IMPACT Centre of Competence aims to provide a wide range of training opportunities for institutions engaged in or embarking on a text-based digitisation project or programme.