Digitisation Days 2014

Steven Krauwer DDays, interview.

Milagros del Corral, interview.

Michael Keller, interview.

Jill Cousins, interview.

Succeeed Awards-2014 DDays

Panel Session: The digitisation of cultural heritage: modern utopia?

Automatic Article Extraction in Old Newspapers Digitized Collections

Document Representation Refinement for Precise Region Description.

Automated Assigment of Topics to OCRed Historical Texts.

Reflections on Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities: Modelling in Practice an Theory.

Private video

An Approach to Unsupervised Historical Text Normalization

Private video

Correcting Noisy OCR: Context Beats Confusion.

Private video

User-driven correction of OCR errors. Combing crowdsourcing and information retrieval technology

Company presentation: Tecnilógica.

OCR of Historical Printings of Latin Texts: Problems, Prospects, Progress.

Private video

Wittgenstein's Nachlass: WITTfind and Wittgenstein Advanced Search Tools (WAST).

Estimating and Rating the Quality of Optically Character Recognised Text.