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The 86th edition of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress will take place in Dublin on 15-21 August, 2020.

New Vacancy: KB Researcher-in-residence

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The Koninklijke Bibliotheek is looking for early career data scientist, social scientist, computer scientist, humanities scholar, or more simply put, …

EC Public consultation on opportunities offered by digital technologies for the culture heritage sector

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The European Commission has launched a public consultation in order to evaluate the Recommendation of 27 October 2011 on the …


Impact Centre of Competence

The Alliance  for Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) DH2020 Conference will take place on 20-25 July, 2020 in Ottawa, and is …


Impact Centre of Competence

The 2nd International Conference on Natural Language Processing will be held at Guangdong University of Technology, in Guangzhou, China, on …

LIBER 2020 Annual Conference

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The LIBER Annual Conference 2020 will be held in Belgrade, Serbia and will be hosted by the Univerzitetska Biblioteka Svetozar …


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The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries will be held on 19-23 June, 2020 in Wuhan, China. The Conference will …

DAS 2020

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The 14th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems will take place in Wuhan, China on 17-20 May, 2020, and …


Impact Centre of Competence

The 12th Edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference will be held in Marseille on 11-16 May, 2020, and …


Impact Centre of Competence

The Digital Humanities in Nordic Countries DHN2020 conference will be held in Riga on 17-20 March, 2020 and is hosted …