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The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) is the national library of the Netherlands. Driven by the power of the written word KB furthers intellectual development, proficiency and creativity in the Netherlands. To this end, KB seeks collaboration with partners in the domains of public libraries, cultural heritage and academics. The KB promotes the visibility, usability and longevity of the Dutch Library Collection, defined as the collective holdings of all publicly funded libraries in the Netherlands. Unhindered access to these collections furthers the development of new ideas and allows researchers to build upon the ideas of their predecessors.

KB’s main activities are:

  • Deposit library for Dutch printed and electronic publications and the national bibliography
  • Preservation, management, documentation and accessibility of the national cultural heritage
  • Furthering collaboration between (public) libraries
  • Research library for the history, language and culture of the Netherlands
  • Centre of expertise for digitisation, digital preservation and preservation
  • Research and development in scholarly information
  • International focal point for libraries

The KB has more than 7 million items in its physical collection and builds and hosts the national platform of digitised textual material of the Netherlands, Delpher www.delpher.nl). Here, more than 6 million pages are full-text searchable through keyword search. Next to this, KB provides access to the digitised collection of the parliamentary papers (www.statengeneraaldigitaal.nl) and Memory of the Netherlands (www.geheugenvannederland.nl).

KB also has an online KB Lab (http://lab.kb.nl) with examples of experimental and computational uses of our digitised collection and host the national programme for the preservation of cultural heritage, Metamorfoze, who publishes the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines.

KB offers over 60,000 images and 3,000 ground-truth files through the IMPACT Centre of Competence, that may be consulted at Images and Ground-Truth Resources section.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek

KB’s Services

Content creation

  • Image digitisation
Services in content creation

Content preservation

  • Long-term preservation
Services in content preservation


  • Full text search enhancement
Services for exploitation


  • Linked-data creation
Services regarding Metadata

Professional training

  • General training
Services of professional training

Impact services

The IMPACT Centre of Competence provides a number of services to Members and Pay As You Go clients, focused on support in implementing OCR solutions and building competence in staff involved in digitisation activities.