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Nº 9

January 13 th, 2015

Dear friends,

We start this new year in an optimistic mood. We have said goodbye to the Succeed Project and we give a warm welcome to a new year plenty of new projects.

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The Succeed Project comes to an end

The  Succeed project, funded by the European Union, formally ended last December 31, when all its objectives have been achieved. Succeed has promoted the uptake of digitisation tools: 19 tools have been validated at 13 European libraries.


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1-Succeed in digitisation. Spreading excellence.

On November 28th, 2014, the Succeed project presented their results in its final conference "Succeed in digitisation. Spreading excellence". This event took place in the Bibliothèque national de France, in Paris, and gathered near 70 experts in the field of digitisation and cultural heritage.

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2-Succeed in digitisation. Spreading excellence. Take-up of tools: the libraries' experience.

In the first block, after the introduction of Katrien Depuydt, WP3 leader, nine of the thirteen libraries participating in the Succeed evaluation and take-up of tools presented their results and shared their experience during their participation in the Succeed project.

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3- 2nd edition Succeed Awards

The 2nd edition of the Succeed Awards recognised the successful evaluation and take-up of text digitisation tools implemented by the external libraries collaborating with the Succeed project.

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4-The future of digitisation: sustainability & roadmapping

After the lunch break, the conference continued with the second block: 'The future of digitisation: sustainability and roadmapping'. This block was introduced by Alicia Blaya, WP7 leader, who provided an overview of this WP and introduced the following sessions. Tomasz Parkola, leader of WP4 presented the highlights of this WP presenting best practices in the digitisation of CH: tools, formats and licensing.

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5-Succeed in digitisation. Spreading excellence. The Impact Centre of Competence

The discussion went on the coffee break, and after that, the last block of the day started with the introduction of Hildelies Balk about the Impact Center of Competence.The second panel session of the conference took place. In this case, the panel session involved different European competence centres.

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TPDL 2015 Call for Contributions, Poznań, 14-18 September, 2014

The Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), Succeed partner and premium member of the Impact Centre of Competence hosts the 19th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries.

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Agreement of alliance with the Open Preservation Foundation

The last 24th November the Centre of Competence Impact signed an Agreement of alliance with the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF).

OPF is an international, nof-for-profit membership organisation which sustains knowledge and technology for the long-term management of digital cultural heritage and provides its member with reliable solutions to the challenges of digital preservation.

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