Impact News

Nº 5

 August  13th, 2014

Dear friends,

We start this special Summer edition with the latest news about the project and continue with a review of what have been the main activities in recent months.

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DigitWiki, a new place to share information about digitisation

The Succeed project has launched two new resources for the promotion of state-of-the-art tools for text digitisation.

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Succeed stablishes cooperation agreements with PREFORMA and DCH-RP

Succeed has signed with PREFORMA Consortium and DCH-RP project (Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for preservation) both Memorandum of Understanding in order to achieve a better cooperation.

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Interoperability Workshop

Succeed project is organizing an Interoperability Workshop to discuss best practices and possibilities for cooperation on a technical level between European Centres of Competence and Digital infrastructures. The workshop will take place on Thursday 2 October 2014 at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague.

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'Succeed in digitisation'. Succeed final conference agenda.

The Succeed project final conference "Succeed in digitisation. Spreading excellence" will take place at Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, on November 28th, 2014. The free registration is now open at

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Remembering Digitisation Days at Vimeo and Youtube

If you were not in Digitisation Days, in Madrid. Now you can watch #digidays sessions at Youtube and Vimeo

Digitisation tools at Succeed

The Succeed project invites you to add your tools to our "Overview on available tools for text digitisation". This overview gathers about 259 different tools for image enhancement, segmentation, OCR engines, OCR post-correction and enrichment, lexicon building, evaluation, etc. To add your tools, you just need to create an account.

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Interviews to Succeed's Expert Advisory Board

Jill Cousins (Europeana), Michael Keller (Stanford University Library), Milagros del Corral (International Organisations advisor) and Steven Krauwer (Utrecht University) talk about present and future in digitisation in these interviews, that took place during the Digitisation Days ( Madrid, 19 and 20 May 2014).

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Map of the European digitisation landscape

We invite you to add your initiative to the Map of the European digitisation landscape  a project  that has been developed by Succeed, which aims to identify active projects, centres of competence, networks and any other initiatives to help pinpoint stakeholders, future needs and options for the exploitation of digitised content.

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Digitisation Days round table

During the Digitisation Days, on 20 May, the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) hosted an interesting and fruitful Round table workshop on the future of research and funding in digitization and the possible roles of Centres of Competence.

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Working together to improve text digitisation techniques

2nd Succeed hackathon at the University of Alicante

Is there anyone out there still thinking that a hackathon is a malicious break-in?

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Succeed, throught Impact Centre of Competence, has created the Project Proposals Corner, a gateway to information and advice on undertaking new digitisation projects.

In this space, you can find the latest news on open EU calls, info-days, collaborative initiatives, and events, as well as information on funding opportunities (self-financing, public, public-private partnerhip ...

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