Impact News

Nº 3

 June  12th, 2014

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We send your our third issue, plenty of news about Digitisation Days and other interesting information, and we invite you to keep up on our latest news through our social media accounts 



Digitisation Days

Digitisation Days, organized by the Succeed project and the Impact Centre of Competence, were held at Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE) on the 19th and 20th of May, 2014.

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Mario Vargas Llosa: "The missions of modern Argonauts are to digitize, preserve and disseminate”

“The missions of modern Argonauts are to digitize, preserve and disseminate”, said Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize winner and president of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library Foundation, during Digitisation Days.

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Contentra Technologies stand at Digitisation Days

DATeCH 1st Session - Document Analysis and OCR

After the opening session, the activity in the DATeCH international conference started. The first session, chaired by Basilis Gatos (National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos") was centered in Document Analysis and OCR.

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The stand of the Spanish company Libnova during the Digitisation Days

DATeCH 2nd Session - Linguistic processing and encoding

In the second session, chaired by Katrien Depuydt (Institut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie), Linguistic Processing and Encoding was discussed.

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The stand of the Spanish company Tecnilógica, awarded with a Commendation of Merit of the Succeed Awards, during the Digitisation Days

DATeCH 3rd Session - Postcorrection

After the lunch break, the DATeCH conference continued with its third session, chaired by Martin Reynaert (Tilburg University), where the Postcorrection of OCR was discussed.

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Attendees visit the companies exhibition during the coffee breaks

DATeCH 4th Session - Best practices and experiences

The second Digitisation Day started with two parallel sessions. The scientific presentations related to "Best practices and experiences in digitisation of cultural heritage", and the round table "Future research for the digital library".

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DATeCH 5th Session - Enrichment & Poster session

After the Succeed Awards ceremony and the lunch break, the DATeCH conference continued in the afternoon with its 5th session, called Enrichment. 

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Panel Session: The digitisation of cultural heritage: modern utopia?

Last 20th of May took place an interesting Panel Session during Digitisation Days to talk about the 'Digitisation of Cultural Heritage: modern utopia?' with Milagros del Corral, International Organizations Advisor; Jill Cousins, Europeana; Michael Keller, Stanford University Library; Steven Krauwer, Utrecht University; and Giuseppe Abbamonte, European Commission.

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Digitisation Days round table

During the Digitisation Days, on 20 May, the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) hosted an interesting and fruitful Round table workshop on the future of research and funding in digitization and the possible roles of Centres of Competence.

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Succeed Awards

The Succeed Awards winners collected them during  a ceremony at Digitisation Days, last 20th of May in Madrid.

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Interviews to Succeed's Expert Advisory Board

Jill Cousins (Europeana), Michael Keller (Stanford University Library), Milagros del Corral (International Organisations advisor) and Steven Krauwer (Utrecht University) talk about present and future in digitisation in these interviews, that took place during the Digitisation Days ( Madrid, 19 and 20 May 2014).

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Succeed survey on content/tools licensing and innovative usages

The Succeed project is undertaking a survey on the use of licenses in the field of digitisation and on innovative usages of digitised content.
The aim of this survey is to gather information about current practices for licensing data, metadata and tools and on new trends in the exploitation of digitised content. This information will help define recommendations for text ...

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Digitisation tools at Succeed

We invite you to add your tools at Succeed project website, where you can find already 129 different ones about image enhancement, segmentation, OCR engines, OCR post-correction and enrichment, lexicon building, evaluation, information retrieval, experimental prototypes and interoperability framework.

Succeed support the validation of digitisation tools, linguistic tools and resources created by research ...

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Map of the European digitisation landscape

The Map of the European digitisation landscape  is  a project  that has been developed by Succeed, which aims to identify active projects, centres of competence, networks and any other initiatives to help pinpoint stakeholders, future needs and options for the exploitation of digitised content.

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